Sketchbook Series | More Tuesday Night Musicians

Tuesday Night Musicians 6 | Claire Dunaway Studios

More “Tuesday Night Bluegrass” musicians! This was in preparation for the Strand show in 2010. You can still catch a fabulous evening of “Tuesday Night Bluegrass” every week outside of the Australian Bakery on the Marietta Square!

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Sketchbook Series | Tuesday Night Musicians

A few years ago I asked for a great challenge (from Earl Reece at the Earl Smith Strand) for my show that year. Earl mentioned how much he loved the musicians I had done a few years prior and how great he thought a show full of musicians would be. After my initial excitement I realized that I was quite rusty at painting people (it had been years after all). I pushed through and had a blast getting ready for that show through finding musicians who were not only wonderful to listen to but fun to sketch as well.

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Sketchbook Series | Discover The…

Discover The Woot 2 | Claire Dunaway Studios

I don’t even remember the exact assignment. I blocked it out of my memory. It was done during my time at the Creative Circus; from what I remember we had to choose a culture, insect, museum and create an ‘exhibit’ to brand. This assignment caused nights often lasting until 4am cutting, collaging, meticulously gluing and self-critiquing just to be told the next day by the professor that “ehhh, it’s okay.” It was good for my character, right?

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Sketchbook Series | Trinity School Dog Pack

Trinity School Dog Pack Sketch | Claire Dunaway Studios

I had the huge honor of creating two paintings with two third grade classes of lil’ artists at the Trinity School in Atlanta. One painting ended up being cars (Atlanta traffic to be exact) and the other painting consisted of dogs (duh!). Here are the preliminary sketches for the dog painting. The end results were beautiful and I was lucky to have such talented little artists to make these ideas come to fruition so nicely!

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Sketchbook Series | Faces

Bold Face Sketch | Claire Dunaway Studios

I had a self-portrait assignment during my senior of high school. As much as I dreaded that project (I disliked drawing people as I felt that I was not good at it and thus avoided anything other than cartoon-ish drawings of people), it was a project that acted as a springboard for the confidence I would need to go into the art program in college. I appreciate Ashley Hosey very much; I am sure I was not the most pleasant high schooler when given that assignment! The faces below are actually sketches during my time at the Creative Circus in Atlanta. I was creating book covers of typography faces. The larger profile sketch ended up being created in all words as the front cover and a variation of the big eye/little eye sketch was created in all words for the back cover.

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